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TU3 con.rod

 The 8-valve engine of Peugeot TU3 which has 75 horsepower and cylinder volume 1360cc, is one of the series of engine mounted on the Peugeot 206.

 Complete self-reliance in manufacturing products especially for automotive parts of Peugeot 206 has been one of the main purposes of Iran Khodro Co. in the recent years. Sapco has selected Razmyaran Co. as the first internal con.rod supplier of Peugeot TU3 which was measured to start to produce the first sample and also got confirmation after passing the engine test. In 2012, the process and production line of Peugeot TU3 engine con.rod was evaluated and confirmed by Iran khodro, Sapco & France Peugeot experts and after that dispatching the consignment of one-day production was done. So, the import of this part was stopped and at last, the production of Peugeot TU3 con.rod was assigned to internal market.